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'' We work in the dark - we do what we can - we give what we have.

Our doubt is our passion, and the passion is our job.

The rest is the madness of art. ''


(Henry James )

We all have

something to say -

You and me


In art I look for and find my voice, my language with which I can express myself. Taking into account my diverse experiences, I carry my inner experience, my perceptions and impressions of the world outwards. I give them expression and breathe life into them so they can touch people in their vitality, stimulate them to think and inspire them.

Dimensions of ReLATion+ships

In this production we deal with the topic relationships and connections in different contexts. We express the varied forms and dimensions of relationships in an artistic exploration which allows the viewer to experience them.

Relationships are essential to our mental and physical health. As social beings, we depend on them and strive for exchange and connection.

Throughout our lives we constantly move in a changing network of relationships and connections, which often also determine and influence each other: relationships with other people, but also with other living beings, with objects, as well as with ourselves.

Choreography & Dramaturgy: Mirjam Stadler



Andrea Plass, Eva Novoa Tufet, Hanna Rath, Jolanda Lülsdorf, Marianne Bäck


Music: Katharina Dengel

Residency: SonnensteinLoft

Photo: "Silent Photography" by Sebastian Poltschak


Das sagt unser  Publikum zum Stück:​​

  • "ReLATion+ships ist ein unfassbar berührendes und zum Nachdenken anregendes Stück. Die starke Ausdrucksweise der Tänzerinnen, in Kombination mit den spannend choreografierten Szenen lässt einen komplett in das Stück eintauchen ...


ALoneLy ?

We are social beings who are dependent on society and other individuals in our development and being.

Being human is always a tightrope walk between conforming to or adapting to social norms and following individual inner drives.


How does the relationship between these behavioral drives change in different situations? Do we behave differently when we are alone? What effects does it have on human development and being human if there is no interpersonal interaction? How does human behavior change in such isolation? What possibilities does he seek to compensate for the lack of the necessary social interactions?

What does it mean to be alone? What does it mean to feel alone?

What does it mean to be myself? Is it even possible to be completely "Me" ...?



Concept, Choreography, Music & Dance:

Mirjam Stadler

Mirjam Open Space 2020-6209.jpg

Ein Tropfen Faszination

... our constant companion ...
... meets us in so many ways ...

... brings life and can take life ...
... its availability is limited ...
... an excess can be devastating ...

... our influence on it ...
... its effect on us ...

In all its colors, shapes and states, water is something fascinating and yet so everyday and simple.

Concept, Choreography & Music Composition: Mirjam Stadler

Dance: Ronja Solveig Eick, Mirjam Stadler
Music & Musical Arrangement:
Katharina Dengel, Martina Weninger

Stage Design: Mirjam Stadler, Erich Stadler
Video Projections: Mirjam Stadler, Simon Stadler
Sound Recording & Editing: Mirjam Stadler
Speech: Lukas Bischof, Sophia Fischbacher, 
Masengu Kanyinda, Nico Raschner

Szene 7.PNG

Nature Forces

Nature offers us a multitude of impressions, all of which we can never perceive in total. Every living being experiences its environment differently, depending on its nature, experience and current situation.


Many of us have lost our childhood curiosity and the spirit of research and often only recognize the obvious. Much remains hidden from us. But if we go through the world with all our senses and with mindfulness and attention, we can discover previously hidden things and a completely different world is revealed to us.


However, it is our diverse world that we humans constantly influence, change and often destroy through the pursuit of progress and profit. But nature has its own ways of maintaining or regaining its dynamic balance.



Concept, Choreography & Music Composition: Mirjam Stadler


Dance: Marie Burger, Barbara Danner, Stefanie Grutschnig, Tine Hrauda, ​​Regina Kluba, Patricia Lohinger, Katharina Maya, Mirjam Stadler, Theresa Ullmann, Gintare Valaityte, Regina Warmuth, Sara Wilnauer


Music: Katharina Augendopler, Judith Damm, Angelika Frech, Andrea Kraft


Ulli Ullmann

(von Transitheart Productions)

The idea for this dance project comes from Ulli Ullmann's everyday life and her experiences with the topics of sexuality and eroticism. The approach and dramaturgy are based on conversations with the "wheelchair user" Ulli Ullmann and her own engagement with this topic. This delves into much deeper interpersonal and social layers and raises questions of enormous topicality, about desire, femininity and aesthetics.


Concept: Ulli Ullmann & Ilona Roth

Director: Ilona Roth

Research: Kai Chun Chuang, Damian Federico Cortes Alberti, Samer Alkurdi, Ulli Ullmann, Ilona Roth

Dance: Enyer Ruiz, Mirjam Stadler, Ulli Ullmann

Music arrangement: Manu Mitterhuber

Costume: Julio Escudero


Instant Improvisation & Composition Evenings
(I.I.C.E. Linz)

We want to create a community of artists for a collaborative practice where we all come together and research on interdisciplinary instant improvisation and composition.

By bringing together artists from diverse fields, we foster a dynamic and fun environment where ideas, techniques, and inspirations can lead to creation.

We welcome dancers, musicians, actors, clowns, visual artists, painters, and all other artists to enrich the interdisciplinary community here in Linz.


Picture_Impro Evenings.png

Some other artistic projects:


Dance & Theater Project " 10 + 10 Brücken "

Cooperation between SOS Menschenrechte and RedSapata Tanzfabrik



"Welt im Wandel - Ich und Du und mittendrin"

Dance production by dance collective Equilibrium




Dance production by TRAK Dance Ensemble



"Salzburg Soundpainting Collective"

under the direction of Ceren Oran

(Music and Performance)




Hello Mirjam, I just came across your website and I am very touched that you also combine music, dance and nature and pass this on. I am 30 years old and a passionate dancer. Dance and music is LIFE for me. I always processed everything with the dance and the music.  [...]

I just wanted to tell you: It's nice that there are people like you who give music, dance and nature the true value and help others with it. It's a shame for me that I don't live close by.


I'm looking forward to also receive your feedback!

That's what my customers say!!

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