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"Those who know how to discover the gifts of nature are on the trail of happiness."

(Johann Peter Hebel)

Find the way back to nature and find yourself. We want to experience and explore nature in its originality and thereby establish contact with our own origins, connect with our own nature. In this way we come into contact with our fellow human beings and perceive ourselves as part of a community that manages tasks and experiences adventures together.

The program is diverse and varied through various tasks, exercises and games for perception training, imparting nature, as well as manual activities and group dynamic tasks. Due to the wide range of active and quieter activities, we experience an alternation between tension and relaxation. We have time to internalize the course content and share our experiences with one another.

Working together and being together in a group also play an important role when we talk, cook, eat, make music and sing together, often around the campfire.


Offers for Adults

All offers can be booked individually for groups:

Kinder & Jugendliche

Offers for Children & Teenagers

All offers can be booked individually for groups:

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