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Dance for Body & Mind: Start your day full of energy

Wednesday  &  Thursday   8:45am-9:45am

Location:   SonnensteinLoft (Sonnensteinstraße 11-13, 4040 Linz)

I'm also looking forward to your feedback!

This course takes place in the form of guided dance improvisations and free movement, with a strong focus on the body and our mental state in the here and now. ​


In combination with bodywork, breathing and energy work, our dance has a relaxing and energizing effect at the same time. We replenish our energy reserves and can start the day relaxed and full of energy.

In our dance we explore our body, its anatomy and its functionality. The simultaneously relaxing and activating effect of dancing stimulates our energy flow and promotes the health and wellbeing of body and mind. In this way, we do something good for our body, on the one hand to thank it for everything it does for us every day, and on the other hand to start a new day full of energy in a state of liberation, vitality and fulfillment.

(subject to alterations)

Feel free to contact me for your individual offer!

Open Level: 

Für alle Levels geeignet (mit oder ohne Vorkenntnisse)!


Dienstag  11:05 - 12:00

(ggf. auch Donnerstag  11:05-12:00)

je 5 Termine

TBA (Termine kommen noch; im Zeitraum von 5. Oktober bis 19. Dezember)

pro Semester*

Early Bird**: 
Late Comers:

70 € - 80 €
85 €
90 €

(15 - 17,5 €/h)
(18,5 €/h)
(19,5 €/h)



13 €

19 €

Early Bird: gültig bis 2 Monate vor Kursstart
Regulär: gültig bis 1 Monat vor Kursstart


** Du entscheidest, was du geben kannst. Wer mehr gibt, ermöglicht damit jenen mit geringerem Einkommen die Teilnahme an meinen Angeboten (deine Spende zur Unterstützung anderer!)

* -10% bei gleichzeitiger Buchung von 2 Kursen oder Folgesemestern

10% Gutschrift beim Mitbringen von Freunden (Newcomern) auf deren Preis

Nähere Informationen, weitere Preise, Ermäßigungen und Buchungsoptionen siehe hier.

All you can dance

All you can Dance Tryout-Days

11.9. - 13.9.2023


Price: 65€   (for 9 courses worth 123€)

Take a look at all the courses and see what suits you.

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