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Tanz & Musik
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Courses & workshops

In my courses I offer the opportunity

to get to know your own body better,

to explore and expand one's possibilities of expression in movement and sound,

to listen to one's inner rhythm and to connect it with the rhythms in the outside world.

I'm looking forward to also receive your feedback!


  • Contemporary dance

  • Freestyle: Improvisation & free dance

  • Dance into Pressence (dance & sound)

  • Dance yourself free: for health & wellbeing

  • Dancing in and with nature

  • Individual offers

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  •  Holistic Workout for Body & Mind

    • weight training

    • endurance training

    • Flexibility training

    • fascia training



  • Discover your Voice


  • Dancing & Sounding

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Timetable summer semester 2023

Click here for the workshop program
Stundenplan WS23/24

Timetable winter semester 2023/24

(Start of semester: September 11, 2023)


(alterations possible)

Dance into your day

Start the morning with dance and bodywork to go through your day dancing and full of energy.

Dance for You

Dance &  bodywork for body, mind and soul - for you, your health and your well-being.

Dance into Presence

Dance & Voice – your Expression & your presence

Discover and develop your own strengths and potential for better expressiveness.

Freestyle (Dance Improvisation)

A guided dance improvisation in which you get to know your body and its movement possibilities in free movement and develop them. (This course is part of the contemporary dance courses that is open to all levels.)

Contemporary dance

Dance, Fly & Flow: Leran new movements and movement qualities (flowing, powerful and acrobatic movements) that add up to a "choreography" (dance combination).

"Contemporary Dance & Improvisation": With the help of dance improvisation, we warm up our body and prepare it for the demands of contemporary dance by exploring different movement qualities and expanding our movement possibilities. (This part is free for all levels and can be booked separately as "Freestyle/Dance Improvisation".)


BASICS                     Fundamentals of Contemporary Dance (none

                                  Previous knowledge of dance required)

INTERMEDIATE       with previous knowledge of dance

ADVANCED             with a good knowledge of Contemporary

                                  Dance or similar forms of movement

Body & Mind in harmony

Embodiment in the form of a body-oriented mental training based on integrative bodywork (IKA) and Process & Embodiment focused Psychology (PEP)   

>>  (different focus depending on topic and wish)

Individual offers on request:



"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet"

Fred Astaire


Dance is one of the most original forms of human expression.

Everyone can dance and everyone has their own individual form of expression, their own type of movement. It is important to discover this individuality in dance, to explore and expand its diversity.


In my work, I specialize in Contemporary Dance. It is characterized by its typical flow of movement and its lightness, which are created through the efficient and economical use of strength and energy.


Contemporary Dance encompasses a variety of different techniques and approaches. In addition, elements from other dance styles (e.g. ballet and modern dance) as well as elements from other sports, body techniques and art forms are included (e.g. acrobatics, yoga and martial arts).


In dance training, coordination is trained as well as strength and endurance and the body gains more flexibility. This makes its movements smoother, more precise and more expressive.

Insight into contemporary dance (improvisation)

Insight into my courses



NEW: All you can Dance


All you can dance days: 11.9. - 13.9.2023

Take a look at all the courses and see what suits you.

Price: 65€   (for 8 courses worth 117€)

MyDance Card: save up to 650 €

Price: 590 € for the whole semester   (or 150 € per month)

+ for all Open Level courses (up to 6 courses worth 1 240€)

+ 50% credit for all Contemporary courses* (with MyDance Semester Card)

     * only valid for my own classes (not from other organizers)

TUESDAY  7pm-7.45pm

at Leonardo da Vinci Schule

WEDNESDAY  7pm-7.45pm

at Karlhofschule

MONDAY  6pm-7.30pm

at Harbachschule

WEDNESDAY  7pm-9pm

at Karlhofschule

TUESDAY  7pm-9pm

at Leonardo da Vinci Schule



at Sonnenstein Loft

MONDAY  4pm-5.30pm

Location: F10

MONDAY  8pm-9.30pm

Location: BSZ Auhof

TUESDAY  5pm-6.30pm

Location: TBA


in Linz-Urfahr

WEDNESDAY   10am-12am

THURSDAY   10am-12am

at Sonnenstein Loft

(OPEN LEVEL: suitable for all levels)

(OPEN LEVEL: suitable for all levels)

(OPEN LEVEL: suitable for all levels)

Conteporary Kurse




at Sonnenstein Loft



Dates 2022

1. April                   Bühne und Präsenz (offered by " 10+10 Brücken")

TBA                        Dancing Outdoors (summer program: August)

11th & 12th September          Contemporary Dance BASICS (Sommertanztage in SonnensteinLoft)

11. September                        Dance Improvisation & Freestyle (Sommertanztage in SonnensteinLoft)

30. September      Dance in schools (closed event - program for teachers)

TBA                        Contemporary Dance (offered by " 10+10 Brücken")

(currently no dates)

13.11. All you can Dance Tage

13.-15.10. Workshop Wochenende

(derzeit keine Termine - gerne auf Anfrage)

(derzeit keine Termine - gerne auf Anfrage)

(derzeit keine Termine - gerne auf Anfrage)

(derzeit keine Termine - gerne auf Anfrage)

Courses for Children & Teenagers

(on request)


"Music and rhythm find their way to the most secret places of the soul"


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Training & Körperarbeit

Holistic training: health & fitness for body & mind

In the comprehensive training, strength, endurance and flexibility are trained as well as coordination and balance.

Furthermore, the training has a positive effect on general health by influencing the various body systems and functions:

Cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, muscles, fascia & skeleton

The training consists of the following parts, which can also be booked individually:

Deep workout:

Strength training for all muscle groups, with special attention to the deep muscles

Cardio for Body & Mind:

Endurance training to improve aerobic and anaerobic endurance

Fascia & Flexibility:

Fascia training and stretching for more mobility and better regeneration

(currently no dates)

  The times of this course are flexible and can be changed slightly if needed (see above in the info box under the timetable)

Also check out my bodywork offerings:

myOffer "body & spirit in harmony" is based on Integrative Bodywork (IKA) and Process & Embodiment-Focused Psychology (PEP). Depending on the topic and concern, we use aspects of these methods to promote physical and mental health.

Use this offer for your individual and holistic health as well as for your personal self-development.


"Music and rhythm find their way to the most secret places of the soul"



Music is a universal language that connects all people in the world.


The most original forms of music are Singing and Percussion. These are the focus of my courses.


The main instruments we use are our Voice and our Body, with which we create sounds, rhythms and melodies and, in their interplay, turn them into music.

(currently no dates)

13.11. All you can Dance Tage

13.-15.10. Workshop Wochenende

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