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Tanz & Musik
Retro Mikrofon

Discover your Voice

Exploring your Voice as an instrument

We make music with voice and body and explore our vocal and tonal possibilities. We experiment with sounds and play with rhythm, melody and harmony. In addition to free improvisation with sounds, we also use existing song material – monophonic, polyphonic or canon.

In the musical creation, the focus is on creative exploration and the joy of making music...


Level: For all levels (with or without previous knowledge)

Dates (currently no dates... on request)

Price according to agreement

Location: Linz-Urfahr/Linz-Zentrum

Schedule 2023/24

Stundenplan_SS2024_mit open Level.PNG

(subject to alterations)

Feel free to contact me for your individual offer!

I'm also looking forward to your feedback!

All you can dance

All you can Dance Tryout-Days

11.9. - 13.9.2023


Price: 65€   (for 9 courses worth 123€)

Take a look at all the courses and see what suits you.

  •  für alle Open Level Kurse 

  • -50% auf die Contemporary Kurse(*)

  • -10% auf Workshops


Dramatischer Tanz

Price: 590€ per Semester* (150€/Month)

(safe up to 1 040€)

+ for all Open Level Courses 

+ -50% on Contemporary Courses(*)

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