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Profi Training Linz

SPACE FOR SHARING & MOTIVATION - Training for Professional Dancers

Tuesday 09:00-11:00 & Thursday 10:00-12:00

Location:  SonnensteinLoft (Sonnensteinstraße 11-13, 4040 Linz)

   (Entrance: Reindlstr., 4th Floor)

Price for Participants:

5€ / class (Associated Artists* from RedSapata Tanzfabrik)

10€ / class (non-Associate Artists)


until 24h before the class -

otherwise +2€ for drop in

(cancellations are only possible for free latest 24h before the class)

Teachers need to sign up until the 20th day of the prior month and specify what they would like to teach and on which day(s) of the following month.

Teachers receive 5 euros per participant as payment for each class immediately before the start of the class.

* For becoming an Associated Artist at RedSapata contact me at:

We are pleased to announce regular professional training for contemporary dancers at the Sonnenstein LOFT in collaboration with RedSapata Tanzfabrik, Linz.


The training will be lead by different dancers from the Red Sapata community as well as guest dancers (the teachers and the program will be published on the Facebook group page: Professional Dance Training in Linz). The content of the training will be decided by each individual teacher. The focus will be on movement practice, technique, and body conditioning. The training addresses professional Dancers with Contemporary background.


All techniques and movement practices are welcome to be taught. Teachers are welcome to lead improvisational and choreographic practices if they wish.


Do you want to lead the training?

Come to Profi Training as a teacher!

Do you want to train?

Come to Profi Training as a participant!

Do you want to both lead & train?

Come to Profi Training as both teacher & participant!

Professional Level: 

The Profi Training is for professional Dancers only (targeted at Contemporary Dancers).


  Tuesday        09:00am-11:00pm

  Thursday      10:00am-12:00pm

Class Schedule 2023/24

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(Änderungen vorbehalten)

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