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General Terms and Conditions

Offers from Mirjam Stadler

As of June 2023



1. Registration

Registration for the courses takes place in writing by e-mail or, in short-term cases, in person when attending the course for the first time. It is binding for the participant, even without written confirmation by the organizer. If the number of participants is limited, places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis (date of receipt).

By registering, the participant confirms that he / she has read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions.


If you register up to 2 months before the start of the event, the Early Bird* prices apply. up to 1 month before the start of the event, the Early Bird prices apply, with later registration the regular prices apply.


Registration for classes is valid for the entire school year (September to July). If you register in the winter semester, you will automatically be registered in the summer semester. The re-registration can be cancelled at any time, the normal cancellation conditions apply (see 3.), in this case the deadlines refer to the summer semester.

2. Fees and Payment Terms

The fees at the time of registration apply. The fee is to be paid after receipt of a payment instruction by e-mail by bank transfer without deduction to the following account or in cash on the first day of the course.

Account holder: Mirjam Stadler

IBAN: AT43 2032 0019 0206 2130


*** The registration fee is to be paid once when booking several courses in one semester (the registration fee applies according to the time of the last registration, all other courses are without registration fee) ​

Booking of event blocks:

When registering for blocks, they are only valid for a limited time. A block of 10 is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase, a block of 5 is valid for 2 months. There is no entitlement to long-term validity. Exceptions are explicitly stated or are possible by prior agreement.

When booking single classes and later deciding on a block, the paid units cannot be credited, the block is valid from the time of purchase. (Exception when booking the entire semester: if the first attended appointment is paid for as a single class, this can be seen as a trial date - the amount paid will then be credited to the semester price minus a processing fee of 5€.)

Your contribution to supporting others:

An additional voluntary supplement to the course fees is always welcome. Your contribution enables me to offer my offers to people in difficult financial situations at a lower price. You give these people the chance to do something good for themselves, despite their difficult situation (or precisely because of it).

(Since I don't have a large income myself as a freelance artist, this is otherwise only possible to a limited extent and at great losses.)

Course scope:

As a rule, a semester contains 17-20 appointments. In exceptional cases (e.g. illness), the appointments can be reduced to 16 or 15 appointments, without entitlement to a refund or a credit. If, for some unpredictable reason, this happens and more appointments are cancelled, the number of appointments that falls below the minimum number of 15 dates can be made up in other courses in the same semester or in the following semester.

2.2. Discounts, Credits & Vouchers

Bring your Friends:

  • If you bring your friends to my courses (i.e. they register for one of my courses for the first time - with stating your name!), you will receive a credit of 10% of the paid fee for their booking.

  • From an amount of 8 participants on, the course will be cheaper for ALL - you will receive a credit of 10% of the semester fee you paid (only valid for semester tickets).

Other Discounts:

  • 10% discount for students an pupils (only with indication at the time of registration)

  • individual discounts by arrangement

Conditions for discounts, vouchers & credits:

  • Discounts always apply to the amount paid/ to be paid in each case (if already paid, there is a credit for the next booking). If there are multiple discounts, the lowest discount will always apply first and the next higher discount will be applied to the already reduced fee.

  • Credits that are claimed due to a discount (e.g. due to a higher number of participants) are valid for one year (unless stated differently). Promotional credits are valid for the specified period of time.

  • Discounts, vouchers & credits can only be used on my own offers (not for offers that run through other organizers).

  • In all cases, there is no entitlement to a payout.


3. Withdrawal

Cancellation/Withdrawal by the participant must be made in writing and is free of charge up to 2 months before the start of the event. In case of cancellation up to 1 month before the start of the event, a processing fee of 100€ will be retained. In case of short-term cancellation (regardless of the reason for cancellation) up to 7 days before the first date, an additional 50% of the course fee will be charged . In case of cancellation less than 7 days before the start of the course/event or in case of a no-show, the entire fee (course and registration fee) must be paid in any case.

The participant has the right to nominate a substitute participant at any time before the start of the event, provided that he or she meets the necessary participation requirements. Such a rebooking must be announced in good time before the course and is free of charge for the participant.


Only partial or irregular participation in an event does not entitle the holder to a reduction in payment.

The organizer is released from further fulfillment of the contract with those participants who, despite a warning, deliberately or through grossly improper behavior disrupt the implementation of the event in the long term. Failure to meet the requirements for participation entitles the organizer to withdraw from the contract at any time. In such a case, the participant is obliged to pay the prize in full and is not entitled to reclaim the price.

4. Illness

Absence due to illness of the participant can be made up for free by arrangement in other events within a calendar year. The allocation of alternative dates depends on the number of participants in other courses and can be made dependent on the presentation of a medical certificate or other certification. In the case of one-time block offers, no alternative dates can be offered.

5. Changes

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone events locally and/or to another date in exceptional cases (e.g. insufficient number of participants or in case of force majeure). In case of cancellation, an alternative date will be offered, a credit note will be issued or the course fee will be refunded. However, deviating course times on the same day, change of location and/or the use of a different trainer do not entitle the holder to a reduction in payment and/or cancellation.

6. Copyright and copyright protection

The content of events is for the personal use of the participants only. The participants must not violate the copyrights of the providers. In particular, choreographies learned in the course may not be performed elsewhere or taught to third parties without the consent of the author, either for a fee or free of charge. Video and photo recordings, as well as their publication, are only permitted with the express consent of the organizer.

7. Data protection

The personal data of the participant necessary for the course of the events are saved on data carriers. The participant agrees to the collection, processing and use of this data for business transactions. The participant can revoke this consent at any time, in which case the data will be deleted after the business transaction has been completed.

By participating in the workshop, the participant agrees that photos and videos taken during the event may be used for documentation and promotion of further events.

8. Liability

Participation in the events is at your own risk and peril. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. No liability is assumed for a concrete course success or the individual exploitation of the course content. The participant trains at their own risk. The organizer is only liable for damage in the event of willful intent or gross negligence. The organizer is not liable for consequential damage, loss of profit, damages arising from claims by third parties or mere financial losses. Liability for slight negligence is excluded, except in the case of personal injury. The organizer is not liable for damage caused by actions of a third party that cannot be attributed, force majeure, or insufficient personal, technical, physical and health conditions of the participant. No liability is accepted in the event of theft or loss of personal items.

The participant is liable to the organizer for damage, in particular through loss of and damage to the equipment provided by the organizer.

9. Place of jurisdiction

Austrian law applies, the place of jurisdiction is Linz.

The invalidity of any provision of these terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Rabatte & Gutschriften




  Early Bird*  Early Bird    Regulär

Kursdauer 120+ Minuten:

Kursdauer 90+ Minuten:

Kursdauer 70+ Minuten:

Kursdauer 60+ Minuten:

Kursdauer 45+Minuten:

Semester fee**

(per semester)

380 €

     285 €

     220 €

     190 €

     135 €


Registration fee***

(once at the time of registration)

+0 €

     +0 €

     +0 €

     +0 €

     +0 €

+40 €

     +40 €

     +40 €

     +40 €

     +40 €

+100 €

     +100 €

     +100 €

     +100 €

     +100 €

Andere Preise

Schnuppern      Einzeltermin       10x Block     5x Block

Kursdauer 120+ Minuten:

Kursdauer 90+ Minuten:

Kursdauer 70+ Minuten

Kursdauer 60+ Minuten:

Kursdauer 45+ Minuten:

20 €

     18 €

     14 €

     12 €

     9 €

30 €

     24 €

     20 €

     16 €

     12 €

     275 €

     215 €

     180 €

     160 €

     130 €

     150 €

     120 €

     100 €

     90 €

     70 €

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