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“What lies behind us and what lies ahead are tiny things in comparison

to what lies within us.”

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Body & Mind in Harmony

(individual sessions)

Integrative Bodywork (IKA)

In the integrative body work, somatic practice and conversation are combined. We use what you feel in your body to recognize what nourishes you and what harms you, to find (new) ways and to develop yourself further.

Through the interaction of touch work, movement and conversation, all levels (physical,  psychosocial,  mental,  energetic, ...) are equally included (i.e. "integrated"). This is necessary so that we remain capable of acting and developing and can therefore process the issues that concern us. 

In this way, yours own self-healing powers are activated and your physical and energetic balance is restored. This is how you become (or stay) well centered, so you can cope well with your life and the challenges of everyday life and develop yourself.

The IKA method has its roots in craniosacral bodywork, Body-Mind Centering©, Somatic Education, logopedagogy according to Viktor Frankl and in the dialogue process.


Process & Embodiment-Focused Psychology (PEP)

(in training)

PEP is a method for stress reduction and emotion regulation using tapping techniques. In the form of a body-based mental training, self-activation occurs, which enables you, under involvement of your body, to influence and change your emotions, beliefs and relationship patterns.


Currently burdening thinking, feeling and behavioral patterns are influenced by activating neural networks using "bifocal multi-sensory stimulation" (e.g. tapping on acupuncture points, pronouncing positive affirmations, etc.).

It is therefore a self-help technique that focuses on the consistent improvement of the relationship towards yourself, as well as the self-activation and self-efficacy of the individual.

Hand, die Wasser berührt

What do the sessions look like:

We start the session with a conversation about what this session should be about, the subjects can be of different nature. Methods from IKA and approaches from PEP are then used. Using touch and movement (moving and being moved) in connection with dialogue processes, the own perceptions and sensations (Self-perception: Observing your own body sensations, thoughts and emotions) are being used to dissolve inner blockages and helping the body, mind and soul to regain balance.

(The session takes place in comfortable everyday clothing.)

Appointments by arrangement

Session duration: 1-1.5 h

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