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Dance into Presence

Dance, Voice, Expessiveness & Presence (OPEN LEVEL)

  • Harbachschule: Keplerstraße 13a, 4040 Linz Urfahr


New Page: Our body is our most important medium of expression. By dealing with our body through dance, movement, breathing and also the use of our voice, we create awareness for our body, a connection between body & mind. We use the simultaneously relaxing and activating effect of movement and voice to be focussed on the here & now and to improve our presence and expressiveness - for stage, work and everyday life. In the dance exercises and dance sequences as well as in the more or less free dance improvisation we refer strongly to our own body and to the here & now. In this way, we can get to know our individual body and its possibilities of movement and expression anew and expand and refine our movement repertoire. The aim is to fully exploit our physical possibilities and to discover and develop our own strengths and potentials. In various guided voice and speech exercises and singing we develop our possibilities to use our voice and speech and gain more confidence with it. The course addresses all those who like to move and use their voice and want to improve and develop in using their body and voice to express themselves and achieve more presence in their everyday life. No previous experience is required. MyDance Card: 620 €/Semester (190€ per Month) (up to 7 classes worth 1 300 € in total) More Information: * Bring your Friends!! >> 10% credit for you (only valid when bringing newcomers; for different packages related to the lower price) * -10% for every other course (on the lower price; except already reduced classes/packages)


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