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MyDance Card

All you can Dance: More Dancing for a lower price

  • Linz-Urfahr (4040)


The MyDance Card includes: + all Open Level courses (save up until 680€) + 50% credit for other courses (save up until ~200€ per course) _____________ Open Level Courses: altogether 7 courses worth 1 300€ - Freestyle: Dance Improvisation & Free Dancing (2x) - Dance into Presence - Holistic Dance for Health & Wellbeing (2x) - Holistic Workout for Body & Mind (2x) Contemporary Dance Classes: When you buy a Contemporary Semestercourse with a MyDance Semestercard you get 50% credit on that course. _____________ Price: 620€ for the Semester 190€ per Month (valid for 4 weeks from date of purchase)


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