Holistic Dance for Health & Wellbeing

Dance & Bodywork for Body & Mind Mo+Wed+Thur 8:30am-9:30am Open Level

  • 1 Stunde
  • SonnensteinLoft: Sonnensteinstraße 11-13 / 4. Stock (Eingang: Reindlstr.)


This course combines elements of dance & bodywork with breathing & energy work to facilitate the health and well-being of body & mind. This form of holistic dancing relaxes and activates at the same time and through the connection of body and mind it enhances a state of balance, in which the flow of energy is stimulated. In this class we use guided dance improvisation and free movement in which we focus on our body and its impulses as well as on the here-and-now. In combination with bodywork - including the examination of our body, its anatomy and its functionality - as well as breath and energy work, we use dance to discover our individual body. We use these experiences as a journey to ourselves to connect with our inner self, to discover our own strengths and potentials, to relax and at the same time stimulate the energy flow within us and to find balance through the connection of body & mind. Thus we want to activate our healing and strengthening powers and to reach a state of liberation, vitality, liveliness and fulfillment and to increasingly integrate this in our everyday life. We start our day filled with energy and give our thanks to our body for all that it does by giving it a treat. DATES: MONDAY + WEDNESDAY + THURSDAY 8:30am-9:30am 12.9.-1.2. (no class: 26.10. | 31.10.-6.11. | 19.12.-8.1.) PRICES: Semester (MO, TUE, THUR): 1 day 110€ / 2. day 95€ / 3. day 80€ Early Bird (until 14.8.): 100€/90€/75€ Bring your Friends!! >> 10% Credit for you per person brought along for the respective class (only valid when bringing newcomers) GERMAN: Gehe hierhin, um den Text auf Deutsch zu lesen: www.mirjam-stadler.com/service-page/holistic-dance-for-health-wellbeing




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