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Contemporary Dance - BASIC LEVEL

Dance Exercises & Choreographies - Mo + Tue + Wed (Wed with Improvisation)

  • 1 Std 30 Min.
  • Linz-Urfahr (4040)


This course is focussing on the basics of contemporary dance and is therefore particularly suitable for beginners. After a warm-up for the whole body (on Wednesday in form of guided dance improvisations), we will learn and practice different movement sequences and dance combinations. In the dance exercises and dance combinations we are playing with opposites (e.g. slow - fast, wide - tight, tense - let go, heavy - light, up - down) and with gravity. A special focus is placed on the alternation of powerful and flowing movements. We explore movements on different levels from standing upright to down on the floor and try out different qualities of our movement. Taking into account anatomical requirements and the conscious use of breath and energy, the result is ease of movement, an improved flow in our movement and greater freedom in the dance. Monday 4pm-5.30pm* Focus on Technique Exercises & Dance Combinations Beginning of March - End of June Location: F10 (Studio 4) - Furtherstraße 10, Dornach (Kurs: Contemporary Dance; Kursnummer: 150; Kursleiterin: Mirjam Stadler) Monday 8pm-9.30pm* ** Focus on Technique Exercises & Dance Combinations Beginning of March - End of June Location: BSZ Auhof (Kurs: Contemporary Dance; Kursnummer: 151; Kursleiterin: Mirjam Stadler) Tuesday 5pm-6.30pm* Technique Exercises & Dance Combinations as well as Improvisation & Free Dancing Beginning of March - End of June Location: Panta-Chorei, Güntherstraße 1 (Kurs: Contemporary Dance; Kursnummer: 152; Kursleiterin: Mirjam Stadler) * Note on USI courses: the registration is initially only open for students and university staff, guests can only register shortly before the start of the course if there are remaining places. ** Since the groups here are larger, less individual feedback and corrections can be given. GERMAN: Gehe hierhin, um den Text auf Deutsch zu lesen:


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