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Contemporary Dance - ADVANCED

Contemporary Dance & Improvisation WS: TUESDAY, 7pm-9pm SS: WEDNESDAY, 7pm-9pm

  • Karlhofschule: Hölderlinstraße 9, 4040 Linz Urfahr


New Page: Let's dance and play with gravity! We will improvise together and learn different dance sequences. The course is for anyone interested in dance with intermediate to good previous knowledge of contemporary dance. In the dance exercises and dance combinations we are playing with opposites (e.g. slow - fast, wide - tight, tense - let go, heavy - light, up - down) and with gravity. A special focus is placed on the alternation of powerful and flowing movements. We explore movements on different levels from standing upright to down on the floor and try out different qualities of our movement. Taking into account anatomical requirements and the conscious use of breath and energy, the result is ease of movement, an improved flow in our movement and greater freedom in the dance. -50% on this course with your MyDance Card: All you can Dance - Open Level 620 €/Semester (190 € per Month) (up until 7 Open Level courses worth 1 300 € + -50% on all Contemporary Dance courses) Mehr dazu: * Bring your Friends!! >> 10% credit for you (only valid when bringing newcomers; for different packages related to the lower price) * -10% for every other course (on the lower price; except already reduced classes/packages)


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