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All you can Dance Days

27.2. - 29.2.2024: Dance more for a low price

  • Linz-Urfahr (4040)


Try out all the classes and check out what fits for you: 9 available courses: - Contemporary Dance Basics (Tue 5pm-6:30pm) - Contemporary Dance Intermediate (Mon 5:15pm-7:15pm) - Contemporary Dance Advanced (Tue 6:40pm-8:15pm) - Dance Improvisation & Free Dance (Freestyle) (Mon 5:15pm-6pm) - Dance for You (Wed 5:30pm-6:15pm) - Dance into Presence (Wed 6:16pm-7pm) - Dance into the Day (Thur 08:45-09:45) - With Yoga into the day (Tue 08:00-09:00) - Jivamukti Yoga (Wed 3:30pm-5pm) Price: 50-80€ for the all courses offered, worth 132€. (Sliding Scale: you choose what you can give according to your income) 80€ after the 28th January; 85€ without registration -10% if you come to the Tryout-week with a friend (let me know with your registration) (Please let me know in advance which classes you want to take. It's not an obligation to come but for organizational reasons ) _____________________________________ Additional All you can Dance offer: MyDance Card Dance as much as you want for a whole semester or for a month The MyDance Card includes: + all Open Level classes (6 courses & save 500€) + 50% credit for Contemporary Dance courses (Intermediate & Advanced) + 10% reduction on Workshops during the same semester 50% credit for Contemporary dance with the MyDance Semester Card. With the monthly MyDance Card there is only a reduction on single tickets. More information about the MyDance Card:


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