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Tanz & Musik
Tanzende Hände berühren

Tanz' dich frei

Dance for Health & Wellbeing (for your inner balance and your Energy Flow)

Wednesday   7:30pm-6:30pm

Location:   Diesterwegschule (Khevenhüllerstraße 3, 4020 Linz)

I'm also looking forward to your feedback!

This course combines elements of dance and bodywork (including integrative bodywork) with breath and energy work to promote the health and wellbeing of body and mind. This form of holistic dancing relaxes and activates at the same time and, through the connection of body and mind, promotes a state of balance in which the flow of energy is stimulated.

We dance with guided dance improvisations and free movement, whereby we start strongly from the body but also from the here and now. In combination with bodywork, in which we experience and exploration of our body, its anatomy and its functionality, dance contributes to the fact that we get to know our very own, individual and constantly changeing body anew. We use these experiences as a journey into and to ourselves, to connect with our inner self, to discover our own strengths and potentials and to stimulate the flow of energy within us.

In this way, we want to activate our healing and energizing powers and enter a state of liberation, vitality and fulfillment in order to increasingly integrate it into our everyday lives.

Open Level: 

Suitable for all levels (with or without previous knowledge)! ​

Termine: Mittwoch 19:00-20:00

23. Oktober

30. Oktober

6. November

13. November

Nähere Informationen: in Kürze hier 

(unter "Gesundheit, Bewegung)

All you can dance

All you can Dance Tryout-Days

11.9. - 13.9.2023


Price: 65€   (for 9 courses worth 123€)

Take a look at all the courses and see what suits you.

(subject to alterations)

Feel free to contact me for your individual offer!

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