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Workout for Body & Mind

Fitness & Health for Body & Mind Strength, Endurance & Flexibility TUE + WED 7am-7:40am

  • SonnensteinLoft: Sonnensteinstr. 11-13 / 4. Stock (Eingang: Reindlstr.) & ONLINE


In the holistic training of strength, endurance and flexibility we also train our coordination and balance. Furthermore, the training has positive effects on our health by positively influencing the various systems and functions of our body: cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, muscles, fascia & skeletal system The different parts of the training are weighted differently in each unit, so that they interact in a smart way. By alternating stress and rest of the individual body systems and functions, a better training effect can be achieved. DEEP WORKOUT Strength training with body weight for all muscle groups, with special attention to the deep muscles ENDURANCE Endurance training to improve aerobic and anaerobic endurance (long-term and short-term endurance). In addition to physical endurance, the endurance of our mind is also trained to gain more mental stamina. FASCIA & FLEXIBILITY Fascia training and stretching for more mobility and better regeneration of the body. The fascia is a net of flexible fibers that run through our entire body and connects everything with everything. They therefore play a major role in the health and functionality of our body, and thus of the musculoskeletal system. Through various loosening and mobility exercises as well as stretching, flexibility is improved and the whole fascia net is moved and loosened. Subsequently, the muscles experience active relaxation, in which the blood circulation is stimulated, whereby it makes an important contribution to health and regeneration. DATES: on appointment PRICE: on agreement Also check out my "Body & Mind in Balance" service: it is a individual setting based on Integrative Bodywork and process- and embodimentfocused Psychology (PEP). Depending on the issue and wish we will use aspects from these methods to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Use it for your individual self-development and fulfillment. More:örper-geist?lang=en GERMAN: Gehe hierhin für den deutschen Text:


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