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Dance, Music 


& Nature

In art lies nature

in nature art.

We become human through both


You want to develop?


Connect with nature?


Find your expression, your art?


I am happy to accompany you on this path, give you impulses, offer spaces of experience for your very personal development.

On the following pages you will find my courses and workshops in the areas of dance and music as well as nature and wilderness education. You will also find information about my artistic work.

I'm also looking forward to your feedback!


Your Expression - your Art


Discover yourself in music and dance. Get to know your own body, your own being and your own expression in movement, rhythm and sounds and grow with it.

The Stage as a place

of Being


Art as an expression of ourselves, as an expression of the world and nature.


How I express this in my artistic performance work.


In contact with Nature


Experience and explore nature, connect with nature and discover your own nature.


Mirjam Stadler


Dancer, Choreographer

Music & Dance Teacher

Nature & Wilderness Educator


Kindergarten & Day Care Teacher


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