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Ulli Ullmann

(von Transitheart Productions)

The idea for this dance project comes from Ulli Ullmann's everyday life and her experiences with the topics of sexuality and eroticism. The approach and dramaturgy are based on conversations with the "wheelchair user" Ulli Ullmann and her own engagement with this topic. This delves into much deeper interpersonal and social layers and raises questions of enormous topicality, about desire, femininity and aesthetics.


Concept: Ulli Ullmann & Ilona Roth

Director: Ilona Roth

Research: Kai Chun Chuang, Damian Federico Cortes Alberti, Samer Alkurdi, Ulli Ullmann, Ilona Roth

Dance: Enyer Ruiz, Mirjam Stadler, Ulli Ullmann

Music arrangement: Manu Mitterhuber

Costume: Julio Escudero

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