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Tanz & Musik
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Dance into Presence:   DANCE & VOICE

Dance & Sound - Expression & Presence

Wednesday    6:35pm-7:45pm

Location:   Diesterwegschule (Khevenhüllerstraße 3, 4020 Linz)

Our body and our voice are our most important means of expression. In this course we develop an awareness of our body in the here and now through dance & movement as well as breathing & voice. In this way, we create a connection between body and mind and use the simultaneously relaxing and activating effect of movement and using our voice to improve our presence and expressiveness - for stage, work and everyday life.

In the dance exercises and dance sequences as well as in the more or less free dance improvisation, we refer strongly to our own body and to the here and now. In this way, we can get to know our individual body and its possibilities of movement and expression in a new way and expand and refine our repertoire of movements. The aim is to fully exploit our physical possibilities and to discover and develop our own strengths and potentials and thus to develop ourselves.


In various guided voice and speech exercises and in singing together, we use our voice more or less creatively in order to expand its possibilities and to gain more confidence in using our voice and language.


The course is aimed at all those who like to move, want to use their voice and want to improve and develop in it as well as in terms of their presence and expressiveness.

Open Level: 

Suitable for all levels (with or without previous knowledge)! ​

I'm also looking forward to your feedback!


beide Blöcke150-160 (Early Bird)

  (bis 6 Wochen vor Kursstart)

  Regulär: 160€-170€ (bis 2 Wochen vor Kursstart) 

  Late Comers:     170

Block 1 88-98 (Early Bird)

  Regulär:  98€-103 

  Late Comers:     103

Block 2:  65-75 (Early Bird)

  Regulär:  75€-80

  Late Comers:     80

Schnuppertermin:  20

Nähere Informationen und weitere Preise siehe hier. 

(Pakete für kürzere Perioden ggf. auf Anfrage)

Termine:   Mittwoch 17:30-19:00

  Block 1:



  Block 2:  







|  17.


|  19.


|  24.

|  26.

Schedule 2023/24


(subject to alterations)

Feel free to contact me for your individual offer!


  • 10% credit for you when bringing friends ("newcomers")

  • 10% credit for all when there are more than 8 participants (valid for Semestercard)

(Other discounts on request)

Your donation for supporting others: 

An additional voluntary contribution enables me to give discounts to those who cannot afford the regular prices.

All you can dance

All you can Dance Tryout-Days

11.9. - 13.9.2023


Price: 65€   (for 9 courses worth 123€)

Take a look at all the courses and see what suits you.

  •  für alle Open Level Kurse 

  • -50% auf die Contemporary Kurse(*)

  • -10% auf Workshops


Dramatischer Tanz

Price: 590€ per Semester* (150€/Month)

(safe up to 1 040€)

+ for all Open Level Courses 

+ -50% on Contemporary Courses(*)

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