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Contemporary Dance - ADVANCED

Contemporary Dance & Improvisation (Freestyle)

Tuesday  7pm-9pm

Ort:   Leonardo da Vinci Schule (Jahnstraße 3-5, 4040 Linz)


per Semester**:  390€ (Early Bird*)

   (until 2 Months prior to the start of the course)

afterwards: +registration fee (one-time):

 Early Bird:  40€ (until 1 Month prior to course start

 Regular:     100€

tryout-class:  20

For more information and other prices go here

(packages for shorter periods on request)

** (automatic continuation in the following semester - cancellation policy see here)

Dance & fly, high & low, spiral, turn, jump & roll, down & up, activate & release, find your flow, …

Dance and experience to move through the room with ease – on your feet, on your hands, on your back, upside down, to the floor and back up,... With soft, flowing as well as powerful and sudden movements, floorwork and acrobatic elements, we dance through the space and move on all levels. ​

In dance we use our body in an efficient and economical way by making good use of our own strength and energy in interaction with the forces of the environment (gravity, centrifugal force, momentum, etc.), taking into account our anatomical conditions. This, as well as the conscious use of breath and energy, creates lightness in movement, an improved flow of movement and a greater range of motion. Thus the (initially) demanding movements become easier and more fluid. We can live out our joy of dancing, rediscover and expand our body and its possibilities and simply have fun at the same time.

Through the dance improvisation at the beginning of the course, the body is ideally prepared for the demands of contemporary dance. In form of a guided improvisation to a variety of music, you will explore your body and its possibilities of movement in moving freely. You will get to know its variety of movement qualities and can thus expand and refine your movement repertoire and at the same time simply dance, be free and give space to being creative.

In the following dance exercises and dance combinations ("choreographies"), the focus is on playing with gravity and with opposites (e.g. slow – fast, wide – close, tense – loose, up – down), especially the alternation of powerful and flowing movements. We explore movements in the different levels from standing upright to being on the ground and explore different qualities of our movement.

Advanced Level: 

The course is for all those interested in dance, with good previous knowledge of contem-porary dance.


  • 10% credit for you when bringing friends ("newcomers")

  • 10% credit for all when there are more than 8 participants (valid for Semestercard)

(Other discounts on request)

Your donation for supporting others: 

An additional voluntary contribution enables me to give discounts to those who cannot afford the regular prices.

I'm also looking forward to your feedback!

Dates:   Tuesday 7pm-9pm




















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|   9. 


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|  18. | 25.

Schedule 2023/24


(subject to alterations)

Feel free to contact me for your individual offer!

All you can dance

All you can Dance Tryout-Days

11.9. - 13.9.2023


Price: 65€   (for 9 courses worth 123€)

Take a look at all the courses and see what suits you.

  •  für alle Open Level Kurse 

  • -50% auf die Contemporary Kurse(*)

  • -10% auf Workshops


Dramatischer Tanz

Price: 590€ per Semester* (150€/Month)

(safe up to 1 040€)

+ for all Open Level Courses 

+ -50% on Contemporary Courses(*)

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